Papon Controversy

Papon...Angarag Papon Mahanta. Papon is the stagename given to the singer Angarag Mahanta. Actually, he is the founder and the lead singer of a folk fusion band called "Papon" which was founded back in 2007. I think that's how he got the name "Papon".

Papon basically hails from Assam and he is the son of famous Assamese folk singer couple Khagen mahanta and Archcna Mahanta. We Assamese people call him "Papon Da" as he is our beloved.

So, let's come to the point what I am writing this for. If you are reading this, then you must have heard or seen something really spicy about him and that spicy buzz is " The facebook live video of Papon kissing a minor girl on lips goes viral" ???? Or is it " Papon sexually assaults a minor girl of a reality singing show" ?? Or both? πŸ˜ƒ

Whatever you came to know, are you sure that you are in a state to judge the situation as you were not physically present in the scene ? What if the situation has been misunderstood ? What if you are making a fuss over a small silly thing which is normal for the people in the limelight?

If kissing a minor girl to show affection in front of her parents and all other team members can be termed as a Criminal offense like "Molestation", then what about these photographs ? 

These are also socially unacceptable clicks taken at the very sharp moments if you see. Then why no reactions on these ? Is kissing inappropriately in public a gender restricted or age restricted offense? Now you'll say these are because of bad camera angle or morphed or something like that, right? So did Papon in defense, but why only he is the Talk of the nation now? why not these celebrities on the photos? 

A big question for all of you " If the parents are not concerned about their own child's protection as many people were present in the scene and none of them objected the kiss to be obscene, then who the hell are others to take a stand for that girl against that artist ? Who gave you that right? Did the parents file a complaint for that incident? No, then who has given you the authority to speak in others' private matters ? 

You are a Social Activist, who is into providing *FREE* welfare for people? Fine, but where were you when hundreds of girl children were being enslaved, raped, molested and used for trafficking every year ? were you preparing yourself for a better case where you can get publicity ?

You are a Lawyer who fights for justice ? But what are your other contributions to your own land that can be counted as Remarkable except for slamming an artist of your own community? 

You are a Journalist and a News Anchor who sells news for people and debate over real issues of the nation ? How come a celebrity kissing a minor girl out of love of his own land is a real issue that our country is fighting with? Politicians have the highest contribution in corrupting the nation, despite knowing that why are you beating around the bush? and who the hell are you to question on someone else's profession? Did anyone ever ask you to stop barking and biting like a rabid dog on your debate shows through visual media? No, so better you mind your own business and let others do theirs.

The most ridiculous goofy thing I find in my land Assam is, Artist 1 Vs Artist 2 πŸ˜…πŸ˜… . Is this a boxing ring? or what? betting on an artist? Hahaha πŸ˜…πŸ˜… Grow up you dumbasses, people have reached the moon and you're still on that Vs game? πŸ˜† 

I don't know what our Assamese people find by staining our own race's reputation for silly reasons. Instead of taking pride in whatever they have done to represent our community and identity in National or International level, why indulge in finding flaws ? 

My honest comment on this incident is " That minor girl is from Assam and it is obvious to show extra affection to a child of our own land. He did not pick a girl from other states to kiss or show affection, he just felt comfortable to show love to the girl child from our own land Assam. He did not expect Assamese people to react the other way around. If his intention was so perverse, why would he specifically go for that Assamese girl only? He could have kissed all the girl child artists present over there. Why didn't he? Well, I can not change the perception of anybody; I just can urge them not to jump into a conclusion too early, it may ruin many lives just in a blink of an eye."

What are your views and opinions? Feel free to comment down here in the comment box. will definitely try to have a better discussion. Thank you πŸ˜‰


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