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The date, 27th April 2018, will be considered as the most significant day in the history of American Superhero film. On this day, the most awaited superhero movie, AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR got released worldwide, making the Marvel fans go batshit crazy. Tickets sold out like Hot Cakes, a week prior to the first screening and it seemed like those who couldn't get the ticket for the first day show, kinda sucked!!! Because, at this point, the whole world seemed to be brimming with spoilers, and the innocent souls couldn't bear such torture......
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Avengers: Infinity War is a 2018 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics superhero team called the Avengers, which is produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. This 2 hours and 40 minutes long movie is written by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFreely & directed by Anthony and Joe Russo (The Russo Brothers), is the third Avengers movie of the franchise.

People are holding onto a lot of expectations from this movie after watching the trailer itself, which is as thrilling as any action or thriller movie can be, That's Marvel style. Let's see what this movie has got for us, whether it was an OK type or fantabulously fantastic, what are missing and what is the suspense.


Avengers: Infinity War is a perfect 10. Awesome dialogues, back to back punches, hilarious puns, nail-biting fights, mind-blowing twists, eye-watering emotions,......just name it, everything is there in this epic movie, and that too in balanced proportions. Marvel, you did a great job again!! Lets hope, DC soon starts taking lessons from you on serious note!!

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And icing on the cake is that there is not a single break where we can give our little homo sapien minds rest. Our expressions changed with the changing of the scenes. From feeling power-struck when Hulk attacks Thanos, again feeling heart-broken when Thanos kills Loki by saying " No resurrection this time", again getting awestruck seeing Tony Stark and Peter Parker's new armours (OH LORD! Holy mother of armours), again feeling little annoyed and sad for Banner who couldn't transform into Hulk (dear Hulk, you were one big  scared baby in the whole movie!), to feeling  hopeful again when Steve Rogers and his  team come to rescue Wanda and Vision, the  feeling of excitement when they all travel to  Wakanda, the heart-stopping moment when Thanos stabs Iron Man....seriously,  the list just continues on and on.  And, lastly, we can never miss our Stan Man's cameo where all the audiences give a shout as a gesture of true Marvel fan by heart. 

But, we all know, nothing is perfect in this world, nor is the movie. Though the Russo Brothers tried to include as many scenes as they could from the comics, many questions are still popping up inside the heads of the fans like bubbles. There are many important characters (e.g., the Collector, Black Widow, Black Panther, etc.) who play significant roles in the comics version, but in the movie, they went almost unnoticed.

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Many scenes in the movie made it seem like the Russo Brothers were doing some last minute adjustments. And these created a bit of a confusion in the minds of the viewers. Questions like, how Thanos attacked the Asgardian spaceship, how the Soul Stone reached Vormir, what happened to Red Skull after Thanos retrieved the Soul Stone, etc. are clouding up the minds of the Marvel enthusiasts (especially those, who haven't read the comics). 

Also, personally I feel that the CGI of Thanos could've been better. Because, he did look like an effing "PURPLE THUMB" (no offence, bro) at some point. 

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But, whatever it is, overall movie was indeed fantastic, the Cap and Agent Romanoff did look smoking a.f., the Star-Lord calling Iron Man and his plan stupid was epic, and holy shit...the SNAP!!! This epic snap that Thanos uses to wipe out half of the humanity of the universe also wiped out so many superheroes, and that is probably one of the most painful suspense filled with curiosities for the fans. And also, it is, actually, a very good marketing strategy by Marvel this time to drag audiences to the theatre in bulk, thus making them restless with this epic last scene. 

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Also, that is the best thing in the movie, because, unlike other superhero movies, where the villain feels proud after destroying something, here Thanos looked as horrified and stunned as the rest of them. ONE HECK OF AN EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER RIDE, BOI!!!!

In the post-credit scene of the movie, it is seen that Nick Fury is sending the last-minute stress call to Captain Marvel, just before turning into dust. That means, in the Avengers 4, we will get to see the most powerful of all the Avengers, Captain Marvel, facing off Thanos. Her entry in this franchise will bring a few other powerful characters into the play which will make this war far more intense. Marvel fans, get warmed up for another mind-numbing, breath-taking experience, very soon. 

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Though the movie is absolutely fantastic, few bits and pieces that went missing from some scenes made me award this movie with a score of 9 out of 10. My personal ratings for this movie are-
1. Action - 9/10
2. Dialogues - 10/10
3. VFX - 9/10 ( -1 for purple thumb)
4. Costumes - 10/10
5. Script - 8/10 (since some of the crucial scenes seemed unexplained) 
6. Directions - 9/10
7. Music - 8/10

Hoping the upcoming Avengers 4 to be more precise with its storyline, I end my article here. Thank you for reading, and please, don't forget to share your views and ratings regarding the movie and in case, I have missed out something, please comment on that too. Your comments are as valuable and important as the Infinity Stones themselves!!! 😊



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