Assam loses two sons in Karbi Anglong mob lynch - Humanity at stake !!

To the left Abhijeet Nath and to the right Nilotpal Das
Two Assamese namely Nilotpal das and Abhijeet Nath were mob lynched at Dokmoka in Karbi Anglong district of Assam itself for mistakenly accused of being child-lifters. These two young men were heading to Kangthilangso waterfall in Karbi Anglong and they were attacked midway on their car by a local drunken mob around at 8 PM on 8th of June 2018. A rumor of child abduction that was spread on Facebook by a person called Bhupendra Terang drove the local people of Karbi Anglong insane and led to this incident. 19 people have been arrested so far for being involved in the mob attack and investigation is still under process. 

Another Assamese Jhankar Saikia, 21 years old was brutally beaten by a mob in front of his father Haren Saikia in Karbi Anglong back in 25th of June 2013 just over a small dispute of auto fare. More shocking is when it was found out that when the duo went for help to a policeman standing nearby, that policeman pushed the victim towards the mob instead of helping. Jhankar was shifted to a local hospital and Later, he passed away in that hospital on July 1. Though the convicts were arrested initially, they were granted bail by Guwahati High court later on.


Social media are flooded with the images and videos of this two Assamese. The videos will bring goosebumps to anyone who watches and the posts will make you cry. If someone is mourning their untimely demise, somebody is venting their anger on all other tribes of Assam; If someone is raising voice by going live on Facebook, somebody is participating in a peace rally seeking justice for those two innocent men. People are very sad and angry at the same time because two Assamese had to plead for their lives despite introducing themselves as Assamese and got killed for no reason. Anger drove some people off-limit and those have ended up being locked up.
  • Locals say Nilotpal and Abhijeet were killed because of Nilotpal's suspicious hairstyle and their black SUV. It sounds as savage and stupid as anything can be. 
  • Deputy Commissioner (DC) of that district says People outside Karbi Anglong should inform the police and himself personally before visiting any tourist spots in the district via any interior route. I say why not place a hoarding in the entrance printed as "Beware of Wild Animals" then? Why not declare curfew if it's a disturbed area and an Assamese has to fear those fellow Assamese being in Assam itself? They weren't killed by any wild animals but by people over there. So, have they mistaken those people to be human sir?  
  • People of Dokmoka say, they suspected those two men to be Child-lifters since a threat of Child-lifters was thriving among the villagers. Don't they have their mouth to speak or ask who were they and where they were from? Couldn't they check the car themselves which two of them were travelling ? Couldn't they call the police if the victims did any suspicious activity holding them captive for a while? What made the mob beat up those two if they were empty-handed and nothing suspicious move they made? Are you the law or Are you Animals? Law carries out investigations, not sure about Animals.
  • Some people doubted them to be outsiders seeing their appearances, no idea why. Even if they were, why would you kill them? Are long-haired, dark skin people are not allowed to enter Karbi Anglong? I never read that in any history book or seen in any news if such rules you have regulated recently. You might know a famous singer called Bob Marley, he had long hair and surprisingly he was not a child-lifter in case you did not know.
  • 5 years back when Jhankar Saikia was killed, he did not have long hair. Appearance is a false excuse, their hatred is for the non-local communities I guess. Just for Rs.10 if a person can kill another person, that area should be banned from communicating any other places to keep neighboring non-locals safe from their dreadful hunt. They should be let to suffer the ultimate isolation and made realize that they are just a handful of people who have gone wrong and redemption is not easy.
  • When the men were being beaten up mercilessly, if ten people were beating, triple the number of those people were watching, not trying to stop them. Though a very very few people were heard stopping them from beating up, it's a very wrong gesture not to try stopping those goons by the majority of the mob. For that very reason, The whole Karbi Anglong and the scheduled tribes are being held responsible and abused which is against humanity. 
  • When you were punished back in school and asked to be "murga", did the teachers punished your parents also that same way? If not, just for a bunch of uncivilized brainless creatures, don't drag the other innocent people to this dirty game. That's inhumane.
  • When your native people are murdered such brutally, you call them "Wild", "Uncivilized", "Barbaric" and what not. Then, even your blood boils and feel like punishing those murderers the same way. That's natural man! that's because of the pain that hurts inside too bad. But, we are civilized human now, we don't live in the woods, don't wear leaves and don't hunt for food. There is a system in the country who are specially meant for such situations. If we indulge in the same activities like those shitheads, we will no longer be different from them and will not be in a state to call them "Wild", "Uncivilized" and "barbaric" anymore. 
  • Thinking of people should be such, which works for peace and prosperity, rather than causing eradication of Humanity. Otherwise, I die, You die, we all die, Inhumanity prevails.


The prime Criminal behind Karbi Anglong  mob lynch has been arrested by Karbi Anglong Police at last. His name is Alphajoz Timung aka Alpha. He reveals some shocking reality behind that mob lynch. In his statement Timung says he and Nilotpal-Abhijeet had an argument over some topic near Kangthilangso waterfalls and to make his hold stronger over the argument, he called his friends to join. Nilotpal and Abhijeet left the spot sensing the situation getting worse.

He also says that he called people from the nearby villages to attack Nilotpal-Abhijeet saying that the duo had kidnapped a child and let a person follow the victim's car on a bike. Rest is the history everyone is aware of.


I run out of words to say anything sometimes and keep silent. But, it is a situation where keeping silent is not a good gesture living on the same land my brothers hail from and took their last breath. " I am an Assamese..really I am an Assamese..Don't beat me..My father's name is Gopal Chandra Das and my mother's name is Radhika Das" - these lines are so painful that shook the Entire Nation and The Humanity. If anyone of that mob were a little Human, they would not have attacked anymore and would have investigated them instead.

Karbi Anglong is now a place that Almost every human being would not like to be linked with anymore.

We need proper justice to be served to the departed souls, to their unfortunate parents, to their close ones, to every Assamese, to every Indian and to the Humanity. An exemplary punishment for those Animals would be a proper justice to have people's faith intact on the judicial system. Jhankar Saikia's convicts were set free, this should not repeat this time too. Otherwise, Humanity is at stake.



                       THE WORLD IS MOURNING

                       WITH THEIR CLOSE ONES



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