Selling Pakodas (Fritters) is a JOB (Employment) , Isn’t begging then ??

Everyone must have got the idea who is being insinuated here with that Title name of this blog 😉. Well yes, it's him, Modi Ji, Our honorable Prime Minister (INDIA). Most of you must be aware of Modi's interview in a news channel recently and what he said during that interview, specially on Employment. If not, let me make you aware of that. In his recent interview Modi assured "pakoda jobs (Fritters selling jobs)" to millions of people, who once made a poll promise to create 2 crore jobs.  I don't have any records or data or information regarding employment or unemployment, still I'd like to pick some points from that Pakoda statement made by him regarding employment in India.

India is a country where millionaires become billionaires and middle class people become beggars in one or the other way. May be that's the biggest reason why India is still a developing country. Our ruling Government's top priority is to make the country digital, where people are dying out of hunger and poverty.What they want is, whether you learn A-B-C-D , 1-2-3 or not, that's not important; first you should be smart enough to know how to run apps like Paytm, Bhim and all  other digital work. That's how our Chaiwala (Tea-seller) PM is dreaming of Developing this nation. To make chai (Tea), one doesn't need to learn basic alphabets and numbers, but to run high end digital apps basic knowhow of alphabets and numbers is required.

Where some people are not even able to earn Rs.300, their accounts are supposed to be maintained with minimum balance of Rs.1500-3000 in our country. Where VIPs, VVIPs and many political leaders are promoting corruption, Common people ended up being the victims of "Demonetization". Where thousands of Indian technical graduates are being sold out to foreign countries in dollars every year, India runs out of technical expertise to be one of the top mosts in the world and what not.

Perhaps, Modi ji does not have any idea how difficult it is to think about selling Pakodas and chai on the streets after struggling for 4 years to survive the semesters in Engineering. Students need to write exams and pass to prove themselves in every step of their academic life, But Do You politicians have to write any exam to get a good grade? to be in a good position? NO, you get elected and Idiots like us elect you as our ruler as EVMs don't come with "None" button. That is why I often wonder, it must be too much fun for our PM to watch the degree holders and IAS, IPS officers working under a chaiwala (Tea-seller). This is where our Modi Ji takes the opportunity to encourage the Unemployed Youth to sell Pakoda and chai as he did.

I am not denigrating the Pakodamaking or chaiwala profession here, I have just shown my dissatisfaction towards the inappropriate statement against the Educated Unemployed Youth. Even a Chaiwala or the Pakodawala is not happily self employed I bet. Government is exploiting them too by levying taxes on every little thing. What actually the Government wants? They want us to beg on the streets? People begging around will make our country developed? NO.

I'd say, rather than importing in billion dollars, invest in our own country to produce. stop the Brain drain trend that is going on these days by creating jobs within the country with proper remuneration. Excessive taxation is a legal exploitation which needs to minimize Sports, culture, administrative deptt., agriculture and many other under appreciated sectors must be enriched to have many number of people get employed in those sectors. I believe these are some of the ways how the problem of Unemployment can be reduced to a certain extent.

How do you feel? Shouldn't our PM be more focused on creating jobs for the unemployed people rather than planning to make India digital ? Should there be an Educational eligibility criteria to be fulfilled by the PM candidates? Please share your valuable views by commenting below -



  1. True that.unemployment seems to be a joke to our PM. If they can not provide jobs, then should not make fake promises. Neither congress nor BJP is doing good for the country. all are involved in just bloody blame game.
    Nice content. Keep up the good work.

    1. EVMs should come with "None" button :)
      Thanks for your comment.