Help The Helpless !!

 " Helping the weak will make you stronger "- Anonymous                                 

 " It's our duty to love the unloved, help the helpless and bring hope to the hopeless "- Anthony Douglas                                                                                                                               

Helplessness is a feeling that can never be expressed in words how helpless exactly do you feel at that moment. It makes you feel how incapable you are of doing something that is needed to be done at that very moment. 

Helping the helpless and needy is not something that you are forced to do, that's your own call. Somebody may ignore and somebody may put all their efforts to help out. No one is going to label the one who stepped back from helping as an Antisocial or a sociopath, but the ones who put their steps forward to help will be remembered always. Thye are not going to get rewarded by a Nobel prize or a Paramveer Chakra, still they will be the heroes, for those who were helped out and for many of us. There's a saying- " your behavior is your identity", which perfectly fits in such cases.

If you help someone, don't long for a favor in return; Do it for your own satisfaction and inner peace. Expectations may hurt sometimes. 😊

It's a small incident that took place a few days back, but the problem behind that incident doesn't seem so small. I am a Dog lover to the core and this incident is about a dog in a shelter and me.

There's an NGO of animals in Guwahati , VIP Road namely "People For Animals" where many cats, dogs and cows are kept in the shelter. I had a truly horrible experience that day. There was a Labrador Retriever (Dog breed) kept in that shelter, which was handed over to the NGO by the owner because of his aggressive behavior. That dog tends to bite when someone wants to get closer or touch him. I don't own a four-wheeler vehicle. That's why I decided to bring him in a cab by putting a muzzle on him so that the driver and myself can be safe and remove the muzzle as soon as I reach home. I think that doesn't make me a Dog-Hater.

Few days back I called up the caretaker guy named Mr. Hamid and he talked about handing over the dog to me by himself and that morning (24th Dec 2017) I asked him again about handing over the dog by himself, then he said that I will have to pay his carrying charge. I said OK (though actually i would bring him myself, asked Mr. Hamid just for my back up plan if by chance I couldn't make it) .

That guy told me to talk with the in-charge of that NGO to discuss all the formalities. Her name is Some Goswami, I don't exactly remember her name. Neither do I feel so important to remember now. I called her up asking about the formalities involved. She said just my presence would be enough to carry that dog home. I said I stay at Jalukbari and it'll take me sometime to reach that place (that NGO). She said she was getting late and asked me to come as early as possible. I dressed up and went out my the house immediately. When I reached Lokhra she called me up saying that I can't take him home. I asked her what's wrong. She then started something like this "You can not take that dog home, You are afraid that's why you're putting a muzzle on him. Where do You stay? What do You do? What's your father? " I answered all of  them honestly even if she was talking to me very rudely. Then again she said "Where will you keep him? within the compound? outside house to have him bitten by the mosquitoes ? I'll not give you the dog). Still I was fine thinking that they might do it to everyone to check whether the person is really interested to adopt or not. She asked where I have reached , I said" just crossed Lokhra". I asked her to wait for half an hour more. Then she rudely replied "Why would I wait ? Who the hell are you ? If you want the dog, come to my residence at Uzan Bazar and How much will you donate ? Donation is must. If you can't donate (money) then you can not take the dog home ".

This is her, Mrs. Goswami. in-charge of PFA Ghy. I was not at all expecting her to be this rude and non-sense, she being **SO CALLED**animal lover and the owner of an NGO. She is exploiting people in the name of donation and keeping the animals away from the animal lovers. Even the shelter is not clean enough to be visited and Mrs. Goswami hardly visits that place. Some strict actions should be taken against that NGO to help those poor little babies.

There's a facebook page "People for Animals Assam". Please check out the reviews posted on that page for better analysis.

"Help the Helpless"- It's a shoutout to all. Do take an initiative to bring a change. Do comment your suggestions or share views.


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