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The Avengers: Infinity War fever is yet to subside, and here came another bang in the form of the movie sequel of our very beloved, sassy, bad ass superhero...DEADPOOL!!! Though this movie made lesser chaos than the latest Avengers movie amongst the young crowd, true fans did pack the movie halls on the very first day to catch up with the Pool guy. 


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Besides the hilarious credit scenes, top-level senses of humor, continuous puns, blood - thrilling fights, we got many cool and super funny add-ons this time to keep us from stopping our laughs. The X- Force mutant team recruitment scene, the DP's legs regrowing scene, the one where Russel's taking out his mighty pen from his "prison pocket" etc. are some worth-mentioning scenes where the audiences almost choked on their popcorns. Overall, with the old Deadpool gang and a young, angry, abused and diabetic mutant, a cool and sexy super-heroine and a "racist" super (hero) villain, the movie can be called a cool, funny yet cliche light-hearted "family" movie. It is a classic sassy Deadpool movie as it should be, except some lazy writings and loopholes in the plot. Even our Pool guy accepts the facts. 

The dream-like afterlife interactions between Wade and Vanessa, after she dies seemed to be dumb and out of place in such a movie. 

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One of the plot holes is when Deadpool and the kid being sent to the mutants jail. And, amazingly, he is the only 14-year-old in the jail!! I mean to say that, isn't there suppose to be a separate jail for kids??? Also, this kid is being abused and only Deadpool notices that and tries to save him, and what about others? When they are taken as prisoners, they have to wear a collar which absorbs away their respective mutant power, and Wade's cancer strikes back again, almost instantly. But, in the first Deadpool movie, Francis ( or Ajax ) said that he had cured Wade's cancer completely. And if there's some reverse effect in the collars, then how come only cancer stroke back and not the other n-number of wounds he received. 
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The other two main characters are Domino and Cable. According to the comics, Domino was the only surviving test subject of a top-secret government breeding program intended to develop a perfect weapon. But her "luck" power turned out to be fatal for the program and her biological mother made her escape from the lab and she ended up in the Church of the Sacred Hearts in Chicago. Later, she left the Church (just like in the movie) and went on missions and long story cut short, ended up meeting Cable ( who is the son of Cyclops and is actually a super-hero in the comics and movie, but being portrayed as a villain in the trailer ) and also he is the actual leader of X-Force and send Domino to find it where she becomes a member of the team. She is the partner, confidante and love interest of Cable. But in this movie, we see some really major changes, almost nothing related to the comics.

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Besides, there are many other minute plot holes and lazy writing, like Cable got two charges in his time travel watch, one to come and one to leave, and he sacrifices the last one to save Deadpool, which could've been done by simply opening up the power absorbing collar (an idea which they actually applied after Cable turned back time....UMMMM?!!) After this event, in the post credit scene, we see NTW and her girlfriend repair the watch, which is then used by Deadpool not only to save Vanessa but also make some of his wrongdoings right. Only in Deadpool movie, you can get to see a superhero killing himself (or his different avatars, to be precise) and this is the real essence of a Deadpool movie. 


On the whole, this is a movie worth watching (though sadly 2-D), a funny roller coaster ride with bits of emotions here and there and lots of waves of laughter and movies and characters slamming everywhere, along with surprising cameos. Warning for the DC and X-Men fans , you gotta take up serious therapy sessions after watching this "family" movie (even the writer of the movie, Winter Soldier, George W. Bush, children movies, etc., etc., etc., aren't spared by DP). PAPA, CAN YOU HEAR ME??! Well, yes papa can hear us, and here are the ratings-

1. Action - 8/10 

2. Dialogues - 10/10

3. Script - 7/10 

4. Directions - 8/10

5. Music - 10/10

6. CGI - 10/10 ( very much balanced along with non- CGI)

Since it turns out that our Merc with a Mouth doesn't die, we hope to be gifted with more sequels of this beloved, bad ass superhero with a more proper and kick-ass storyline. Thank you for reading this article, and in case you got any suggestions or facts to share about this movie, or about this article, please comment below and help us improve with your valuable suggestions. Also, don't forget to share.!!


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