Hail Humanity : The fight between Nature and Kerala

Indian Navy officers transporting individuals amid a save task in Kerala, where storm surges have caused devastation. (Photograph: Reuters)
Monsoon surges have taken more than 350 lives and devastated to homes and farmland in Kerala - yet its soul, the rebellious, confident beat of a people attempting to reconstruct their lives, remains unshattered.

The volunteers in Kochi are working additional time to aggregate and dispatch relief packages, and a senior citizen can be seen being safeguarded in a cooking utensil in Thrissur, are some of the scenes which define humanity the best.

An elderly woman being rescued in a cooking utensil after her home was flooded in Thrissur.

"The vast majority felt: I should deal with the ground and do my bit," said a journalist who was investigating the surges. "Indeed, even outsiders met up for this aggregate exertion."

In Malappuram, a focal region that stretches from the drift to the Tamil Nadu outskirt, an fisherman let three ladies step on his back and into boat whose sides were too high. 

Back in Kochi, a message of thanks was painted in bold visible letters, white letters on a housetop; it was for the Navy's protection of two ladies from the territory. 

Photograph: Twitter/@ani

In Aluva locale, the Navy transported and traveled to security a pregnant lady deadened starting from the waist. 

Photograph: Twitter/Indian Navy
An college student from Thrissur, who confronted horrible web based trolling when a daily paper revealed that she set out long separations to offer fish as a profession, contributed Rs 1.5 lakh to the Chief Minister's Disaster Relief Fund.

The Indian Police Service Association tweeted a photo of a policeman saving an infant.

Inestimable minute ~ a @TheKeralaPolice cop safeguards another conceived infant in #KeralaFloods. #Flood wreaked ruin however neglected to decrease the soul of expectation, help, and #humanity.

More capacity to our bravehearts :
IPS Association (@IPS_Association) August 20, 2018 

What's more, in neighboring Tamil Nadu, an 8-year-old young lady gave cash she'd been putting something aside for a long time (she needed to purchase a bike) to help the calamity alleviation exertion. 

multi-year old Hero little Anupriya from Tamil Nadu, who gave her piggy bank reserve funds to #KeralaReliefFund. She had been sparing to purchase a cycle.#HeroCycles - Who has guaranteed the kid another cycle each year in energy about her caring signal? pic.twitter.com/UbtqYa7gV2 

Kerala is "endeavoring together as a brotherhood to conquer the cataclysmic surge" and "showing amazing quality to skip once more from this disaster", Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan's office said.

Vijayan has told his bureau that Kerala will require super finances to reconstruct territories hit by surges, and restore casualties. "We have been most exceedingly awful hit with the surge of the century. The harm is past creative ability," he said.


 After reading about the news of devastating flood in Kerala, I encountered many such pictures and videos which were very saddening and joyous at the same time. Sad because, it could be seen clearly how dangerous and devastating can nature's rage be and how it affects people to the core and leaves nothing but sad stories and wreckage.

Joyous I said because, i encountered pure humanity in some videos which can hardly be seen anywhere now a days. Those clips and pictures say, Only humans can be of some help for humans in tough times, nothing else.

I pray for Kerala to recover from this traumatic disaster the soonest and regain their serenity and prosperity.

Hail Humanity !

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