India: A rape encouraging country ?

" BHARAT MATA KI JAI " - This is what we Indians Chant or shout as a slogan in victory. When Indian army surges on enemies or Indian sports teams get victory over the rival teams, "Bharat mata ki jai"- This is what as Indians they must have shouted in joy at least once.We take pride in every success of our nation but do we have any contribution in cleaning up the mess in our Motherland ? A few issues that have no permanent solution or proper justification I find in our country are-
  • India is a country where mothers are worshiped. Then why the girls are being raped every single day?
  • Many states in India celebrate the birth of a girl child, where a few kill them before they are even born. If they hate girl children so much, why do they marry girls not  men? if this killing spree goes on, who will their sons marry in future and who will produce boy children for them?
  • Why do children (Specially boys) give up (abondon) on their parents when their parents need them the most? Did the parents give up on them when they got sick or were struggling to get a decent career? Why did their parents not drop them in some orphanage when they got sick like they do to them?
  • Why people are blaming one another for every little issue instead of trying to take initiative by themselves to solve them? Political leaders are being chosen to solve those problems but all they are doing is just blaming the opponents when they fail and find no other way out. Will dependence on the Govt or the Govt servants solve all our problems ?
These are only a few issues that our country has, many are there left unseen and unheard.

Meanwhile, report says that the 4th most common crime that takes place in India is Rape. 2013 National Crime Reports Bureau (NCRB) says that 24,923 rape cases were reported in the year 2012 and 24,470 (98.18%) out of that were committed by someone known to the victim. The numbers will go up if unreported cases are also counted. In the recent years the willingness to report a rape incident has increased due to media attention and public protests. Official statistics report says that nearly 34,000 rape complaints and 84,000 sexual harassment cases were registered in the year 2015.

A map of numbers of rape case registered in the year 2011-

Nirbhaya rape incident on 16th of December 2012 shook the whole nation and left everyone in deep shock and fear. This dreaded incident made the country unsafe for women to walk freely on the streets. Though justice was served to Nirbhaya and her family by announcing death penalty (hang to death) to the rapists, it doesn't seem to be that worthy punishment for such brutal and heinous crime. 

When a criminal commits a crime, he/she considers "hang to death" as the ultimate punishment that can be announced against him/her, which is a death after a few seconds of struggle. Death comes in many forms but, for criminals like rapists, it should be a really painful and dreadful death which would shake every single human being to the core. 

Countries like Saudi Arabia and South Korea behead or shoot the rapists to death which seems much more suitable punishment for rape crimes. Still I feel these punishments do not have that dread to shake those strong headed sociopathic rapists to the core. Being respectful of women and an aware citizen of India I urge our judicial system to implement even more strict laws and justified punishment for rape crimes, so that no one can't even think of committing such crimes anymore.

I found many people saying that rapes happen because of girl's wrong gesture by wearing short length and revealing outfits. How the hell on earth does this even make sense? During sweaty summer days, are they supposed to cover themselves by wearing a hijab or burkha? 5-6 years old girl children are being raped, can they also be judged by the dress they wear? 

What's wrong with those people?😕

somewhere directly or indirectly these sum of people are misleading and provoking the evil minded people and today's generation. These are the people who teach their daughters to stay on leash and sons to roam around sowing their oats. NO MEANS has a universal meaning and everyone should get that right, not the other way round. As a book should not be judged by its cover, a person should not be judged by his/her clothes as well. Outfits are manageable, how will you change one's mentality? 

I will not say that rapes are 100% preventable, but I can say that proper punishment for rape can reduce the chances of happening it frequently. Rape is a crime as serious as murder. Silent victim is equally guilty as the rapist. Come forward and raise your voice to seek justice. More power to women and women empowerment should be encouraged in the right way. I am a man and I stand against rape. Being in control of yourself is the true power, raping isn't. STOP RAPE NOW......!

What do you have to say? 



  1. well said. Punishment for rape should be a very intense one. Countries like Arab and other Islamic countries are very strict about it. nice post by the way. keep it up.

    1. yes. our judicial system needs to take rape crimes as seriously as murder like Arab. thanks for your comment.