The Hungry Eyes: perverts on the street

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There may be a difference in cultures, languages, traditions,  thought processes, etc., etc., etc., but the only thing that unites the men from around the globe is.....STARING AT WOMEN!! Young or old, rich or poor, each one of the masculine genders, even for once in their lifetime, have stared at (at least one) woman. On the other hand, almost all women irrespective of their ages, have been stared, and continue to be stared at every day, which is often followed by catcalls. 
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Be clear about what I am meaning to say. STARING and not LOOKING. Both are totally different terms. TO LOOK means to direct one's gaze in a specific direction ("देखना"), but TO STARE means look fixedly or vacantly at someone or something with one's eyes wide open ("घूरना", "ताकना"). That thirsty, perverted stare, full of hunger in the eyes, as if they can see what's beneath her dress, and they are so controlling their urge to stop themselves from touching her, making her feel naked, despite being covered. That is the stare I am talking about, and it is that stare only, from where things begin...first approaching, then stalking, then teasing and when she rebels and tries to stop them and protect herself, they rape her. 

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When asked, they say it is the dress, the short skirts, the jeans, the tank top, or as they call "inappropriate dressing" that is to be blamed for. But, what about the saree, the salwar suit, the BURKHA?!! They are to be blamed too?? A woman wearing a traditional outfit gets stared at as equally as a woman wearing jeans. They say, since the women are showing skin, so the men get triggered. What about the lady in the Burkha then, buddy? She is not showing any "skin", what exactly triggered you then??

Some of you may think, come on, women do that too, they too stare at guys, why always the guys are to be blamed for everything? Well, bro, nobody is blaming you, but only facts that are being stated here. Facts, as true as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west, or as true as the Earth revolving around the sun. YES!!! women do check out on men I agree. But, let me prove you a tiny-winy difference. I want you to think of a particular event when any woman checked out on you, and I want you to think how you felt at that moment. Be honest with yourself, you must've felt like a Hero,.....and not naked. But that is how a woman feels, almost every day, almost everywhere, in whatever she wears....completely exposed

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Recently, while surfing through the Youtube, I came across a video (link below).

In the video, few people who were being asked about the validity of men staring at women, in India, and I was literally shocked by their answers. Almost all of the interviewed persons PROUDLY told that it is not bad to stare, and they will not stop staring openly objectifying women, and also blamed the women for inappropriate dressing. Like, WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL!!!! 

You are not doing any favour, by giving those unnecessary stares and comments. So, stop feeling proud of it. You don't have the right to tell a lady how she should be dressing or what she should be wearing, or how she should be behaving. Instead of shaming her, making her unsafe in her own home, her own locality, her own country, instead of throwing advice of how and what she should be wearing or doing, for once try to improve your own self first. Embrace the fact, nobody is perfect in this whole universe.

We have educated our girl children and women enough, now it is time to educate our boys and the men. Let us teach them the right way of how to treat women, and also make them clear of the wrong notion that women are the weaker sex, and are nothing but mere play-things. God has made everyone equal, so we are no one to discriminate anyone. Because, Swami Vivekananda had said, "Women will work out their own destinies -much better, too, than men can even do for them. All the mischief to women has come because men undertook to shape the destiny of women." 
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With this, I end my article here. Readers, please give your views and comment on what do you think about this particular topic. Also, this is a serious topic, and there should be some reforms made, so that we the women of India as well as from around the globe, can walk freely in the roads, without fear in mind and heads held high, and thus falsifying the quote, " STRANGER, DANGER"!! 😊


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