Scenario of higher education in India

Let me start with a very familiar cliché from my country India, if a child (mostly boys) is very reluctant to study or hardly surviving the academics, parents are often seen pushing their children very hard and motivate by saying "Come on son! Once you pass your 10th standard with good grades, you're done". That line hypnotizes many innocent young lives and later they realize it's a myth, all bogus and an infinite loop when they go for 10+2 and graduation.

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Indian parents mostly promote two professions, one is Engineer and other is the doctor. Any non-academic profession is considered to be as "garbage" and people who opt for those "garbage" are declared spoiled and hopeless, No wonder why India is still a developing country. No parents motivate their children to be a farmer, a vendor or a tea-seller, Why? People around will laugh at them, taunt them because these professions do not have the charm or dignity, which degree based professions have. Parents would sell their kidneys to make their sons or daughters engineers or doctors, but would never tell them to join their family business or go for something that they can really excel in just for the sake of "what would people say". For them, a penny earned being an engineer is much more valuable than millions earned being a vendor or a farmer; Impracticality at its height. Well, Let's not get deeper into that and focus on our higher education system.

What is wrong with our education system?

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I am not familiar with other graduation courses but with Bachelor of technology, So I'd like to pick some points from there itself. When a student takes science as his/her stream in 10+2, either it is PCM (Physics-Chemistry-maths) or PCB    (Physics,Chemistry, Biology). Irrespective of the academic results, everyone in this category wants to see himself/herself as an Engineer or a doctor mostly, as brainwashed by their parents when they could barely write the alphabets. They appear in entrance exams and majority fail to get through the exams. Then, some of them choose the easier ways to survive somehow but many will not give up on their dreams. Their parents encourage them to be what they want to at any cost and end up getting admitted in a private institute.

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Be it a Govt. or a private institute, education is the common factor that gets the students gathered, though the quality differs. Everyone knows how a Private college or university runs, your bank balance decides your survival chances in academics. Education in India is such, If you ask a few electrical engineers to do some wire-work and light a bulb, Edison would die again seeing the result. Ask a B.Tech Computer Science student to build a Simple HTML page, some would rather try to cover up their failure by bragging about their knowledge on C++/JAVA/PHP etc. Epic is when a person who never held a screwdriver in his hands chooses to do mechanical engineering. 

Engineering is a skill that demands Practical know-how based on the theoretical stuff we learn, but it is another way round in our country, maybe in other countries too I don't know. "Mug up the formulae, solve some numerical, bring good grades and get your degree clean- Man! you are an engineer now. Let's build a time machine" - This is us daydreaming. I'd say ITI and diploma holders are doing far better than the degree holders in such cases even though they are underpaid and they might call an "Adjustable spanner" as a "slide wrench", at least they learned what they needed. If b.techs are superior to the ITIs or Diploma holders, why are they lacking practical knowledge?  how does it make them superior? Even diploma holders can claim that they are superior to B.techs saying that they are much more practical than the B.techs. If a car shows any problem midway a journey, mugging up the formulae and solving numerical would not help that, a dab hand with instruments would.


There's a saying "little knowledge is dangerous", that applies exactly to many of us today. Not only in case of engineering; teachers, doctors and many are there who fall into this category. Many teachers are there who have tremendous potential, but cannot deliver it to the students, many doctors are there who would prescribe hundreds of medicines for a mild fever but a few are there who solve it just by one. Education in the country has to be enriched and it should be impactful, not just employment oriented.

Education should not be limited to books and mark sheets, Without the implementation of that bookish knowledge in real life, education is incomplete. Education is meant to be applied to bring a positive change in and around yourself, not only to make your parents proud by securing good grades. Also, Dependency solely on the system will not serve the purpose, your enthusiasm matters the most. Acquire knowledge, share them, spread them and most importantly apply them to make them meaningful. 

what is your thought?


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