Salman Khan : A Convict or A victim?

The Case

It was an inauspicious day for Salman Khan back in 1998, so for those blackbucks . A case was filed against the actor Salman Khan and his co-stars of the movie "Hum Saath Saath Hain (1998)" for killing two blackbucks, an endangered species in Jodhpur. Besides this, for keeping license expired weapons, for killing chinkaras and a hit-and-run - many cases have been filed against him since the last 20 long years.

Recently, he had a hearing in Jodhpur high court, where he was announced guilty and sentenced a jail term for 5 years under section 9/51  of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 for killing two blackbucks in Jodhpur 20 years back but, other accused - Saif Ali khan, Tabbu, Sonali Bendre and Neelam Kapoor were acquitted on the same day. He was kept in Jodhpur central jail for 2 nights and initially no bail was granted to him by Jodhpur court. Later, District and Sessions judge Ravindra Kumar Joshi granted Salman's plea for bail and suspension of sentence on a bond of Rs.50,000 and two sureties of Rs.25,000 each so that Khan could file an appeal against the conviction and sentencing.


My Words

Though I am a fan of Salman Khan, I don't support blindly anyone who breaks the law intentionally-be it Salman Khan or any other high or low profile individual. I may write here something that might not sound too practical but, it may spark a thought in your mind for a second. Neither I am from law background, nor from administrative, I am just an unbiased person who thinks no proper justice was served to this accused man, Salman khan.

Firstly, If salman Khan was found guilty and sentenced a jail term, why all other accused were acquitted right away? No evidence were found against them, that's why? They were accused of provoking Salman Khan to kill the black bucks, but how can somebody present an evidence against that ? By recording their Conversation? By clicking their pictures?

It was not a movie that was being shot, where everything is dramatic. The incident took place in the dark and people came to that place after the sound of gunshot was heard. So, no question of anybody seeing them provoking anyone. Then, why were they even accused? Just for being with Salman that night? if yes, then they all should have got punishment since law considers those equally guilty who are involved in a crime indirectly too, then why acquitted? 

Secondly, in the courtroom the judge Mr. Dev Kumar Khatri mentioned about Salman's background not being good considering his previous cases like hit-and-run and poaching of chinkaras. But, I guess he forgot to mention what he has been doing for common helpless people since a very long time. He forgot to mention that the actor runs a foundation called "Being Human" which provides health care and education to underprivileged in India including many charitable activities. 

Now, many people will taunt him by saying that he has done all this for the penance or redemption of what he did in past. I'd say, no one simply donates his bone marrow to save a little girl to protect himself for all his deeds. 

Lastly, this case has been running since 20 long years and it is no less than a punishment/curse for an individual, be it Salman khan or any other person. In this 20 years every Indian has seen What Salman Khan was then and what Salman Khan is today, so has the Bishnoi community. With his career, his nature has also changed since then. Every convict/accused should get a chance to prove himslef/herself as a better person. If Bishnoi people had that understanding in their mind, they would have solved this problem the other way among themselves. That's not how justice is sought, that's pure vengeance. Many endangered animals are being poached every other day , but no one cares. Many animal abuse incidents are happening around, no one cares. When a familiar face farts in public, that will also be the headline of many newspapers  and the breaking news for many TRP hungry news channels. 

My Verdict

Considering all the goods and bads, If the accused was found guilty then he should have been sentenced a jail term for maximum 1 year with a penalty of Rs.1 lac and a compensation of Rs.5 Cr to the Bishnoi community.

Reason : Salman Khan is a changed man and he has done many remarkable jobs on behalf of his foundation "Being human" or Individually, which can not be ignored. Since, he has committed the crime too, his jail term should be reduced to 1 year and compensation has to be made to the Bishnoi Community.

P.S : In " My Verdict", I have written what I think how it should have ended. Do not take it personally, it is just an opinion made by maintaining the "freedom of speech". You can share yours too.

What you have to say?


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